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ALICE  Design

The Alice design is a simple one, requiring no moving parts and minimizing the number of optical surfaces.

The HIPPS breadboard spectrometer, on which ALICE is based
HIPPS breadboard spectrometer
Photo courtesy SwRI


Basic Physical Parameters

Mass < 3 kg
Dimensions 15 x 33 x 9 cm
Power Consumption < 3 Watts


Basic Analysis Parameters

Spectral Range 700 - 2050 Angstroms
Spectral Resolution 12.5 - 9.8 Angstroms for extended sources
Spatial Resolution 0.6 degrees
Projected Entrance Slit 0.1 by 6 degrees
Nominal Effective Area 0.03cm2 (at 1900 Angstroms), to
0.53cm2 (at 1150 Angstroms)

Optical Layout

Optical Layout