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View photographs of the ALICE instrument:


  • View the motion of 3 doors on ALICE (RealMedia format**, 5.9 Mb, 30 seconds):
    1. The opening of the Fail Safe door.
    2. The attempted uncaging of the Aperture door.
    3. The opening of the Detector door.

** Requires RealPlayer

RealPlayer available at www.real.com. To automatically launch RealPlayer from Netscape running under Unix, the broswer must have a RealPlayer application entered into its Preferences:

-- From the Netscape menu, select Edit/Preferences/Navigator/Applications.

-- Add a new entry to the Applications: the Description field should equal "applications/vnd.rn-realmedia" and the Handled By field should equal "directory-for-your-realplayer-executable %u".